Glossary Terms For V Belts

Belt Pitch
The center to center distance between two ribs on the belt.

Length - Overall
The overall length of the belt. This is not necessarily the size of the belt as it goes around the pulley, but the outside length of the belt generally on the non-pulley side.

The numbers of ribs located on the belt.

Section: 11M

Section: 11MS

Section: 2L

Section: 3L

Section: 3M

Section: 3V

Section: 3VX

Section: 4L

Section: 5L

Section: 5M

Section: 5MS

Section: 5V

Section: 5VX

Section: 7M

Section: 7MS

Section: 8V

Section: 8V Kevlar

Section: A

Section: AA

Section: AX

Section: B

Section: BB

Section: BX

Section: C

Section: CC

Section: CX

Section: D

Section: DC

Section: E

Section: J

Section: L

Section: M

Section: Metric Variable Speed

Section: SPA

Section: SPB

Section: SPC

Section: SPZ

Section: Variable Speed

Section: VC

Section: XPA

Section: XPB

Section: XPZ

The dimension of the belt at its thickest point.

Refers to the widest point on the belt. This is generally at the top of the belt.