ACCOUNT REGISTRATION accounts come in two flavors, Multiple and Single User Accounts. An account is not needed to purchase parts, and is only recommended if you plan on buying parts more than 4 times over the next year.

Individual Accounts offer the following amenities over and above a regular web purchase without an account:

  • Volume discounts based on previous purchase history
  • No minimum order for accounts at volume discount levels
  • Terms other than "COD/Credit Card" available (call 636.634.2202 to request terms)
  • Viewable online history of purchases for your records
  • Memory of shipping address to reduce redundant entry of your information every time you purchase
  • Optional memory of credit card information to further reduce redundant entry

Multiple User Accounts include the amenities offered in the Single User account and additionally offer the following:

  • Volume discounts based on total purchase volume across all of your user accounts
  • Optional review of purchase by account administrator (usually the boss) before parts purchase are completed
  • Multiple locations
  • Optionally restrict parts shipments to locations of your choosing
  • Viewable online history of purchases and who purchased them

To set up a Multiple User Account, create an Individual Account first and give us a call at 636.634.2202 to convert it into a Multiple User account.

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