General Glossary Terms

The deck is typically wood or a wood product and in many cases it is laminated or covered with a secondary surface. Some treadmills use a two piece deck system which has a support deck, and a wear deck attached on top of the support deck. In these cases, the treadbelt rubs directly against the wear deck, and this is the surface that will wear out. Decks, like treadbelts, are wear items, and they develop wear patterns with treadbelts. If you are replacing a treadbelt, it is recommended that the deck (or wear deck) be replaced at the same time, or the new treadbelt may wear out prematurely. A deck may also be called a walking board or walking bed.

Front Roller
This is the roller which is on the user front of a treadmill and the treadbelt rotates around it and the rear roller. On most treadmills, the front roller has a pulley on it and is the drive roller.

Also known as a touch pad, display enclosure or housing, the overlay is on the display, and in almost all cases is the touch pad. In many cases the overlay is part of a plastic housing or display enclosure. In other cases there may be more than one touch pad overlay on the display, as with most Star Trac equipment.

Rear Roller
This roller is on the user rear of the treadmill, and is usually the idler roller.

Sometimes written as tread belt or walking belt, this is the surface that rotates around the rollers on which the user actually walks on.