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 Equipment NameDescription
S22i - NTEX02117NB.0 - NordicTrack®
S22i - NTEX02117NB.0

S22i - NTEX02117NB.1 - NordicTrack®
S22i - NTEX02117NB.1

S22i - NTEX02117NB.10 - NordicTrack®
S22i - NTEX02117NB.10

S22i - NTEX02117NB.11 - NordicTrack®
S22i - NTEX02117NB.11

S22i - NTEX02117NB.12 - NordicTrack®
S22i - NTEX02117NB.12

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 Catalog NumberPart
Power Cord - Product Image 5004690Power Cord
Power cord   NOTE: The original power cord for these machines is no longer available and the end of this cord may need to be modified to work with your m. . .
Power Extension Cord, 10ft, 20A NEMA 125V - Product Image 542000021Power Extension Cord, 10ft, 20A NEMA 125V
NEMA 20 amp 125 volt 10' extension cord. If you have a 20 amp power cord on your treadmill that doesn't reach far enough, this 20 amp power cord will help you g. . .
Power Cord - Product Image 24007857Power Cord
Power Cord   This Power Cord is just a cord, no "brick like" transformer.
  542000011Power cord, 110V, 15A, 8'
8 foot long 110 volt 15 amp power cord.   NOTE: The female end of this cord has 3 prongs in a standard computer cord configuration.
Power cord 110V, 20 A, 12' - Product Image 5004678Power cord 110V, 20 A, 12'
12' Power cord used on Precor models.   NOTE: This cord has been updated for safety reasons this is a NEMA 20 Amp cord. It has 1 horizontal prong on the . . .

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