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    Before You Search: Know Your Model Number

    Everything on our website is classified by the manufacturer's model information and parts list for the machine. The equipment models on our website display the parts that go with each machine, and the parts on our website display what equipment models they go with. Make sure your part is listed with your model number before ordering!

    The ONLY way to ensure that you are getting the correct parts is to have your equipment's model number. In a few cases you may also need your equipment's serial number. If you do our website will list it along with the model number. Make sure your part is listed with your model number before ordering!

    Where To Find Your Model Number

    Model information is generally found on a white or silver sticker located on the frame of the machine. This location changes depending on what type of machine you have and who the manufacturer is.

    • Treadmills: On the side of an upright or on the display console. Near where the power cord enters the machine. If it can be put in an upright position, it may be down along the frame of the machine.
    • Ellipticals/Bikes: On the display console. Near where the power cord enters the machine. On the front or rear stabilizers. It may even be on the sides or underneath the machine.
    • Steppers: On the display console. Near where the power cord enters the machine. On the bottom of the frame under the foot plate.
    • Strength Machines: Underneath a seat (if the machine has one). On the frame of the machine near the base. Near the weight stack (if the machine has one).

    When You Search: How To Find The Right Part

    1. Try to find your EQUIPMENT model page. This will take you to the exact parts list for your machine.
      Examples: "PETL61590" or "831.297801" or "CENTL82520"
    2. Sometimes the last digit of a model number represents the version number and may be separated from the other numbers by a period. You do not need to include that ending period in your search but our system will understand what you are looking for either way.
      Example: "WETL21023" = "WETL2102.3"
      Example: "831.295032" = "831.29503.2"
    3. Type only your model number into the search box to find a direct match.
      Example: "831.246462" instead of "831.246462 xp 680" or "831.246462 display console"
    4. If you don't have an exact model number, include your BRAND name in your search to help narrow your results.
      Example: "Proform 615" instead of "615"
      Example: "Bowflex ultimate" instead of "ultimate"
      Example: "Schwinn airdyne" instead of "airdyne"
    5. Leave out other extra words, including the parts you need, that can clutter your search for your equipment page.
      Example: "Proform 615" instead of "Proform 615 lift frame"
    6. If your search does not take you directly to your equipment page, look for your equipment under "Equipment Matches" and ignore "Catalog Part Matches". You may need to click "View All Matches" to see more results.
    7. If you can't find your equipment page but have an exact manufacturer part number, you can search for that directly.
      Examples: "QQ2065" or "KK-2044" or "AK58-00322-0000"
    8. We do not recommend simply searching for your part such as "pulley" or "battery cover". We are working to make it as easy as possible to browse and filter through the "Catalog Part Matches," but you will find the correct part much quicker if you can find the correct equipment page.

    After Your Search: Making Sure The Part Is Right

    1. When you are looking at a part, make sure your exact equipment is in the list under "Used on the following models."
    2. When you are looking at an equipment name, make sure it is your exact model. Many models have similar numbers and may "look the same" but may represent different versions that may not use all of the same parts! Make sure your part is listed with your model number before ordering!
      Example: "WETL21020" vs "WETL21021" vs "WETL21022" vs "WETL21023"

    Other Helpful Information

    • Treadbelts: You can find a replacement treadbelt with the correct measurements; the length of the belt and the width of the belt are needed. The best way to do this (if the belt is still on the machine) is to take a piece of string and wrap it around the belt and then measure the string.
    • Cables: We do not recommend trying to find a cable used on another machine that "looks like" it will fit on your machine. The size of the cable may be correct, but the ends may not match up. We recommend you only order the cable if you are sure that it is the right part and are willing to pay the restocking fee if it is not. We do sell pieces to the cable assembly (like stock cable, end pieces, and tools) if you want to make the cables yourself.
    • Hardware: We do not (yet) classify our parts by the dimensions, so the only way we are able to look up the correct nuts/screws/washers for your machine is by the make/model information or the manufacturer part number.
    • Everything Directional is User-Centric: When trying to determine the left from the right side or front from back, etc. we always do so from the user's point of view. For example: the right side of a treadmill (also known as "user right") is always the side which is on the right of the user as he/she is walking on the treadmill.

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