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E Ring

Used on the following models:

Life Fitness

90C - 90C-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver (LCA)
90C - 90C-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (CCH)
90C - 90C-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (CRC)
90C - 90CW-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (CCI)
93C - 93C-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver (LCB)
95C - 95C-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver (LCI)
95C - 95CE-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver (LCE)
95C - 95CE-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (CCQ)
95C - 95CE-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (CEO)
95Ci - 95C-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (CCP)
95Se - 95SE-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (MSU)
95Se - 95SE-0XXXX-01 (SCE)
95Si - 95S-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (ACF)
95Si - 95S-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (MST)
Classic Upright - CLSC-XXXX-01 (S/N CLU100000-CLU108080)
CLSS Integrity - CLSS-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (After SN LSS105559)

CLSS Integrity - CLSS-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (SN LSS100000-LSS105558)
CPO - 95CS-0109-02 - Arctic Silver
CSLU Integrity - CSLU-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (CIS)
Elevation Series - 95FS-ALLXX-2101 - White FlexStrider - Arctic Silver (FSS)
Integrity CLSC Upright Bike - CLSC-ALLXX-XX
LC-6000 - GE09-00001-0100 - Round Frame (SN 101-260)
LC-6000 - GE09-00002-0100 - Square Frame (SN 635000-652186)
LC-9100 - LC91-0000-11 (CBI)
LC-9500 - LC95-0000-12 (CBJ)
LC-9500HR - LC95-0XXX-11
LC9500HR - LC95-xxxx-10 (CBB)
LC9500HR - LC95-xxxx-11
S9i (HSD)
SC-9100 (HSH)
SC8500 - SC85-0000-01 (HSG)
SC9500 - SC95-0XXX-01 (HSI)

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Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the 2 wheels for my machine that I ordered. I searched the entire web for these wheels and FRP was the only ones that had them other than (un-named competitor) and on top of that your price was unbelievable. their price was 8X's your price, more than what I paid for my elliptical that I bought used. When I called them they made like if you want it, pay for it. Glad there was another choice. Thanks for the sale !!!!!!!!! Very satisfied customer. Aloha
Dennis T.
Mililani, HI

Their website is like no other! Each machine has a diagram with parts individually listed. I always know im getting what i need instead of blindly ordering. Shipments go out the same day and always arrive neatly packaged. A great resource for anyone who runs a fitness center.

Brandon J.
Meadville, PA

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