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Catalog Number: 3000110

RPM sensor for Life Fitness CT9500 crosstrainer.

Used on the following models:

Life Fitness

90X - 90X-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver (XTA)
90X - 90XW-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (AWE)
90X - Quite Drive 90X-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (XWB)
91X - 91X-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver (XTF)
91X - 91X-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (XTN)
93X - 93X-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (ACH)
93X - Quiet Drive 93X-0XXX-03 - Arctic Silver (AXA)
95Se - 95SE-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (MSU)
95Si - 95S-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (MST)
95Xe - 95XEZ-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (XWM)
95Xe - Quiet Drive 95XE-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (XTC)
95Xe - Quiet Drive 95XE-0XXX-03 - Arctic Silver (AXG)
95Xe - Quiet Drive 95XE-0XXX-05 - Arctic Silver (After SN XHM074504931)
95Xe - Quiet Drive 95XEZ-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver (AXG)
95Xi - 95X-0XXX-01 (XTD)
95Xi - 95X-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (ACJ)

95Xi - 95XWEZ-0000-01 - 2014 - Arctic Silver
95Xi - Quiet Drive 95X-0XXX-03 - Arctic Silver (AXB)
95Xi - Quiet Drive 95X-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (XWJ)
Classic Upright - CLSC-XXXX-01 (S/N CLU100000-CLU108080)
CLSS Integrity - CLSS-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (After SN LSS105559)
CLSS Integrity - CLSS-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (SN LSS100000-LSS105558)
CLSX Integrity - CLSX-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (After SN CXX100001)
CSLU Integrity - CSLU-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (CIS)
CSX Integrity - CSX-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (CAX)
CT8500 - CT85-0000-03 - Arctic Silver (CTK)
CT9100 - CT91-0000-04 - Arctic Silver (CTJ)
CT9500 - CT95-0000-21 - Arctic Silver (CTH)
Integrity Cross Trainer - CLSX-ALLXX-02PF
Integrity Series - CLSX-ALLXX-0105 - Silver Cross - Arctic Silver
OSX - OSX-ALLCX-01 - Arctic Silver (XHR)
OSX - OSX-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (XHO)

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The part arrived in perfect condition. The service man came over and installed it. The treadmill is RUNNING like new... Thank you..

Jack G
Thornhill Ontario

Just a quick note to the manager concerning a most satisfying experience a few moments ago when one of your employees, Marsha assisted me so beautifully. She was professional and caring and took the time to help research my need and assisted me as I placed the order for my parts. She is a true asset to both you her employer and us the customers.

May God richly bless you today as you caringly reach out to others.


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