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 Matching P/NCatalog NumberPart
3094782 - Product ImageLife Fitness

 Equipment NameDescription
Seated Calf - PL210 - BH Fitness
Seated Calf - PL210

Seated Calf
Seated Chest Press - PL070 - BH Fitness
Seated Chest Press - PL070

Seated Leg Press - PL700 - BH Fitness
Seated Leg Press - PL700

Seated Row - PL300 - BH Fitness
Seated Row - PL300

Seated Shoulder Press - PL090 - BH Fitness
Seated Shoulder Press - PL090

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 Catalog NumberPart
Seat, Bike - Product Image 5007594Seat, Bike
Bike seat.   NOTE: This seat is mounted to a ROUND seat post, some bikes have a flat seat post and the seat mounts with screws directly in the seat.  . . .
Pad, Seat, Nautilus - Product Image 64134Pad, Seat, Nautilus
This seat was used on Nautilus or Bowflex products. The seat is 21"" wide and 11" front to back. The hole pattern on this seat is a 4 hole trapezoida. . .
Pad, Seat Bottom - Product Image 44000052Pad, Seat Bottom
Seat bottom and back pad. This is a replacement seat and will fit exactly on most models it is listed for.If the seat holes are a bit off the original holes, yo. . .
Pad, Seat, Set, Black - Product image 10002762Pad, Seat, Set, Black
Black seat pad set, bottom and back.    The back is 16.5" long and 14" wide. There is a 4 hole pattern on this bike seat.  The holes are s. . .
Cover, Back, Seat - Product Image 52000019Cover, Back, Seat
Seat back cover.   NOTE: This is the hard plastic cover, for the back of the seat, not the pad that you rest your back on. This is the original seat back c. . .

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