DUCT, WIND (L) XT185/XT285(2011)/XT385(2011)/XT485(2011)/XT685

Catalog Number: 9016210

DUCT, WIND (L) XT185/XT285(2011)/XT385(2011)/XT485(2011)/XT685

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Thanks for the reply. I'm still talking with Spirit about whether they will warranty the motor. If they do not, I definitely will use the links to order it.

Again, I really appreciate your response--it's getting rarer to receive customer service that you provided.


I'm sure this isn't the typical comment in this forum, but I didn't know how to give you this feedback. I recently purchased a front roller for my wife's treadmill and was shocked to discover that the replacement part was waaayyy better than the original! Thank you!