Overlay, Switch, Membrane

This part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You cannot purchase this part. Can I still get this?

Overlay, Switch, Membrane - Produc Image

List Price: $37.20 / each

Online Price: $36.09 / each

Catalog Number: 7018314

Overlay membrane switch.


NOTE: Removal of backing paper voids warranty. DO NOT peel the backing from the new overlay and/or keypad without electrically testing first. Connect the ribbon cable of the new overlay and/or keypad to the display electronics and test the part prior to removing the paper backing and complete installation. If you have the same problem as with the original part, please continue troubleshooting the unit to ensure the problem is the overlay / keypad. 

Used on the following models:


Arc Trainer - 630A

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The part fit great and service was great. I appreciate you being able to get me the cable when everything for this machine is no longer available.

Jim H.
Covington, GA

Thanks, you had a difficult part to located and fast service. thanks again

Joe M
Niagara Falls, NY