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Catalog Number: 67000298

Selector Pin-This selector pin is for  older/deep 15 pound plates only

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I'm very pleased to hear that your company is thriving and expanding and that you've made Inc's top 400. You've found a need that wasn't being fulfilled by anyone else - including the makers of the equipment - and have filled it well. Without your company's access to the specialized parts needed for maintaining and repairing fitness equipment I'd be sitting with an $1800 doorstop. Instead, despite the manufacturer's unwillingness to sell the parts I needed directly, I was able to repair and refurbish the machine with all the parts I needed, delivered quickly and at a fair price. best wishes for your continued success -you deserve it!

Bruce R.

Compliments to your team for your follow up, I am amazed with customer support. Thanks for the info it is an old unit I have had for maybe 15yrs.
Best, Rich

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