Frame, Upright base

This part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You cannot purchase this part. Can I still get this?

List Price: $252.67 / each

Online Price: $242.56 / each

Catalog Number: 6026079

Upright base frame.

Used on the following models:


530x - 831.293351
535x - 831.294150

CS7e - DTL54940

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Level 1

Level 2

Level 3




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Great Experience with this company they answered my qustions before I even bought from them. Item shipped fast and was in perfect condition.


Their website is like no other! Each machine has a diagram with parts individually listed. I always know im getting what i need instead of blindly ordering. Shipments go out the same day and always arrive neatly packaged. A great resource for anyone who runs a fitness center.

Brandon J.
Meadville, PA