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Catalog Number: 6002027

Used on: 831.297531 - SM1100, HRTL20000 - HEALTH STRIDER, HRTL20001 - HEALTH STRIDER, HRTL20002 - HEALTH STRIDER, PCTL21460 - CROSSWALK CSI, PCTL21461 - CROSSWALK CSI, PETL20860 - 785XT, PETL21460 - CROSSWALK CSI, PETL21461 - CROSSWALK CSI, PETL21462 - CROSSWALK CSI, PFTL20561 - 725XT, PFTL20864 - 785 XT, PFTL21460 - CROSSWALK CSI, PFTL21461 - CROSSWALK CSI, PFTL21462 - CROSSWALK CSI, PFTL53061 - 530 SI, WLTL98760 - CADENCE 10.5, WLTL98761 - CADENCE 10.5

Used on the following models:


Health Strider - HRTL20000
Health Strider - HRTL20001

Health Strider - HRTL20002


SM1100 - 831.297531


530si - PFTL53060
530si - PFTL53061
580si - 831.297644 - Sears
725si - PFTL72560
725si - PFTL72561
725si - PFTL72562
725xt - PFTL20560
725xt - PFTL20561
730si - 831.297743 - Sears
785 XT (EUROPE) - PETL20861
785 XT - PFTL20862
785 XT - PFTL20863
785 XT - PFTL20864

785XT - PETL20860
Crosswalk CSI - PCTL21460
Crosswalk CSI - PCTL21461
Crosswalk CSI - PETL21460
Crosswalk CSI - PETL21461
Crosswalk CSI - PETL21462
Crosswalk csi - PFTL21460
Crosswalk csi - PFTL21461
Crosswalk csi - PFTL21462
Crosswalk sel - DRTL20761
Crosswalk Space Saver si - 831.297361 - Sears
Crosswalk Space Saver si - 831.297362 - Sears


Cadence 10.5 - WLTL98760

Cadence 10.5 - WLTL98761

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I was so happy to find Fitness Repair Parts. I bought a gym quality Stairmaster for my home about 22 years ago. I never once had any problem with the equipment except after all these years the plug that connects to the connector box (not sure what that thing is called) and the "box" needed to be replaced. I thought that the machine might be too old and that I wouldn't be able to get the part. But Fitness Repair had it. I bought it, it came in the mail within a week or so, and it fit! I will call them again if I ever need a part replaced.

Stella G.
Atlanta, GA

I want to thank you for your speedy service. I am sorry it took me so long to send this thank you. I received the parts sooner than I expected, installed them the next day, and the treadmill is as good as new. It is a great piece of equipment. Thank you again for your great service.

Ed S.