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B2410, B2420, CSB3-00, CSB40, C2400, C2401, D1040, D1041, E1310, E4020, E4021, M3051, M3052, QVSY82040, WEBE13820, WEEMSY70080, WESY700920, WLBE10570, WLSY71500, WLSY82040, X1-00, X1S0, X10, X11, X2S0, X20, 1032B0, 10330, 13820, 13821, 20320, 20321, 700920, 700921, 700922, 700930, 704930

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Thank You for your super fast response to my order. I had a brake unit on a Diamondback 1260EF elliptical that had gone bad. I thought I would have an extended break from my daily exercise routine but You had my parts to me within 2 days. You've got my business if I have any more parts needs for any of my equipment.

Thanks again,

Well thank you Sam! You have been very helpful and very professional! I appreciate the excellent customer service.

Radcliff, KY