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Brush, Motor, .375" x .68" x 1.03"

Brush, Motor, .375" x .68" x 1.03" - Product Image

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Catalog Number: 566000031

Motor brush .375" thick x .68" wide x 1.03" long with a 1.5" long shunt wire which has a .25" female flag connector.

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FRP always ships fast and is a great place to find parts! The link to leave a review is confusing, So I will just tell you in this reply. Thanks!

Boonville, IN

Hi, this is my second time ordering from your site. I just wanted you to know that you have a very well designed web site - simple, thorough, easy to navigate. I was very pleased with my first experience and am looking forward to the same with my second order. Thanks.

--Robert B.

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