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Motor, Drive, 2.5HP 17.5A

Motor, Drive, 2.5HP 17.5A - Product Image

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Catalog Number: 54021118

McMillan DC Motor. 2,5 Horse power. rated at 17.5 Amps and 145 Volts.

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Thank you guys for the quick response, if I need any more parts I know where to go! Thanks again!


Sheila, you have been a pleasure to work with on fixing MY problems. You were very responsive in these matters and I thank you for making this whole process a breeze. I sent an email to Pro-Form needing help on getting these parts and never heard back from them and you have done it in a day. Great customer support. I love you (Lol) is a little strong, but that is the happiness I feel by the way this has been handled. Again and again, Thank you!


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