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Guide, Telescoping

Guide, Telescoping - Product Image

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Catalog Number: 5021881

Telescoping tube guide.

Used on the following models:


504 Lateral Raise


204KS Camber Curl
204KS Camber Curl
208KS Seated Tricep Extension
208KS Seated Triceps Extension (BETG)
210KS Seated Tricep Flat
304 Lat Pull Down
309 Vertical Row
309KS Vertical Row
310 Seated Row
310KS Seated Row (BK10)
500 Shoulder Press
500KS Shoulder Press (BRTB)
505KS Rear Delt/Pec Fly
605KAS With ASP
605KPS Leg Extension w/ASP
605KS Leg Extenison
618 Glute Isolator - Icarian
619 Seated Leg Curl - Icarian
619 Seated Leg Curl with Range of Motion
FT332 Functional Trainer, Row
FT334 Functional Trainer, Pulldown
FT444 Functional Trainer, Chest
FT555 Functional Trainer, Shoulder Press
Glute Isolator - Titanium (BERW)
Glute Isolator - White (BMJW)
Glute Isolator Custom (BJCW)
Incline Press - Titanium (BM95)
Incline Press - White (BETJ)
Incline Press Custom (BBKD)
Lateral Raise - Titanium (BJDB)
Lateral Raise - White (BRTJ)
Lateral Raise Custom (BMKB)
Leg Extemsopm HG - Titanium (BGAG)
Leg Extension - Titanium (BRRY)
Leg Extension - White (BJ95)
Leg Extension ASP - Titanium (BBKA)
Leg Extension ASP - White (BGHL)
Leg Extension ASP CUSTOM (BETA)
Leg Extension ASP/STOP - Titanium (BERY)
Leg Extension ASP/STOP - White (BMJY)
Leg Extension ASP/STOP Custom (BJCY)
Leg Extension Custom (B678)
Leg Extension Custom (BBKK)

Leg Extension THR - 321 - 10-11-14 - Sky White (BWAE)
Leg Sled Horizontal HG - Titanium (BCWB)
Leg Sled Horizontal New Shroud - Titanium (BRTA)
Leg Sled Horizontal New Shroud CU (BK95)
Leg Sled Horizontal New Shroud SK (BBKB)
Leg Sled Seated - Titanium (BJDA)
Leg Sled Seated - White (BMKA)
Leg Sled Seated Custom (BY95)
Low Back - Titanium (BETD)
Low Back - White (BMKD)
Low Back Custom (BJDD)
Olympic Incine Bench - Sky White (BD34)
Olympic Incline Bench Custom (BCBR)
Olympic Incline Bench HG - Titanium (BJPR)
Olympic Seated Bench - Sky White (BNDG)
Olympic Seated Bench Custom (BW35)
Olympic Seated Bench HG - Titanium (BCDJ)
Pulldown - Titanium (BMKE)
Pulldown - White (BRTE)
Rear Delt/Pec Fly Custom English (BETB)
Rear Delt/Pec Fly Custom English - Titanium (BBHB)
Rear Delt/Pec Fly English - White (BRTK)
Rear Delt/Peck Fly Core - 505DSL (Serical Code BA71)
Seated Dip - Titanium (BJDF)
Seated Dip - White (BRTF)
Seated Dip Custom (BMKF)
Seated Leg Curl - Titanium (BJCT)
Seated Leg Curl ASP - Titanium (BRRT)
Seated Leg Curl ASP - White (BBJW)
Seated Leg Curl ASP Custom (BG95)
Seated Leg Curl ASP/STOP Custom (BBJT)
Seated Leg Curl ASP/STOP Custom - White (BERT)
Seated Leg Curl Custom (BETK)
Seated Leg Curl HG - Titanium (BCHA)
Seated Row - Titanium (BRTD)
Seated Row - White (BBKE)
Seated Row Custom (BN95)
Seated Tricep Extension - White (BMKH)
Seated Tricep Extension Custom (BRTH)
Seated Tricep Flat - Titanium (BWRT)
Seated Tricep Flat - White (BW95)
Seated Tricep Flat Custom (BBKG)
Shoulder Press - White (BMKJ)
Shoulder Press Custom (BL95)
Vertical Row - Titanium (BETE)
Vertical Row - White (BBKH)
Vertical Row Custom (BJDE)

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The part fit great and service was great. I appreciate you being able to get me the cable when everything for this machine is no longer available.

Jim H.
Covington, GA

I have been searching for a part for my Lifecycle for months. Looking through the "Link" sites and other bogus internet sales scams when I found your site .... GREAT. Easy navigation good work on the parts cross reference (I haven't seen one like it anywhere!).

Joe T.

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