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Catalog Number: 5020628

Clip assembly for Precor treadmill keys.


NOTE >>> NO KEY included.

Used on the following models:


9.57 Optional Console & Display (AMTY)
9.5x - 9.57 HHHR (AGKF)
932I VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120 - After 06-21-2012 (AXGX)
932I VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120 - Prior 06-21-2012 (AXGX)
946i VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120 - After 06-21-12 (ATRX)
946i VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120V - Prior to 06-21-12 (ATRX)
C932i - After 06-21-2012 (AXGT)
C932i - Prior 06-21-2012 (AXGT)
C932i Optional Console & Display Assembly (AA96)
C946i - After 06-21-12 (A925)
C946i - After 06-21-2012 (AADB)
C946i - Prior 06-21-2012 (AADB)
C946i - Prior to 06-21-12 (A925)
C946i Optional Console & Display Assembly (AADA)
C954i (AB37)
C954i (ADEY)
C954i (AEWY)
C954i (AEXE)
C954i (AJKE)
C954i (AJPC)
C954i (ATTD)
C954i (AXHD)
C954i - Israeli (AACX)
C954i - Israeli (AEXY)

C954i Headless Optional Console Assembly (AXGD)
C954i Optional Console & Display (ATRD)
C956i & C966i Head Optional Console Assembly (A953)
C956i (A883)
C956i (A954)
C956i (AACN)
C956i (AEXG)
C956i (AGJY)
C956i (AGKY)
C956i (AJPB)
C956i (AMTB)
C956i (AYZD)
C956i - Israeli (AJNC)
C956i - Israeli (AMXB)
C956i Optional Console & Display (AYYD)
C966i (A884)
C966i (AA67)
C966i (AA87)
C966i (AABX)
C966i (AADX)
C966i (AADY)
C966i (AB38)
C966i (AJMC)
C966i (AMTC)
C966i Optional Console & Display (AA68)

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I want to thank the company and all envolved in expeciting the parts for my bike. Three new bearings and a belt and chain, and it now runs like new and I bought it 2000. I have put 110,000 miles on it and hope to get another 100k if I live long enough.

Thanks again.

Thank you VERY much! I appreciate your prompt and helpful customer service.


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