Circuit board, Display Metrics

Circuit board, Display Metrics - Product Image

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Display metrics circuit board.

Used on the following models:


5.31 (AMWE)
5.31 240V (AJNX)
5.33 (ATRR)
5.35 (AXGR)
5.35 240V (AMWX)
5.37 (ATWE)
5.37 (AXJE)
5.37 (AYYR)
9.3x - 9.31-07 - 2007 (ADFL)
9.3x - 9.33-07 - 2007 (AEXK)
9.3x - 9.33-07 HHHR - 2007 (AEXL)
9.3x - 9.33-07 HHHR - 2007 (AGKK)
9.3x - 9.33-07 HHHR - 2007 (AGKW)
9.3x - 9.35-07 HHHR - 2007 (AEXW)
9.3x - 9.35-07 HHHR - 2007 (AGKL)
9.3x - 9.35-07 HHHR - 2007 (AJND)
932I VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120 - After 06-21-2012 (AXGX)
932I VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120 - Prior 06-21-2012 (AXGX)
946i VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120 - After 06-21-12 (ATRX)
946i VERTICAL TREAD, ASSEMBLED, 120V - Prior to 06-21-12 (ATRX)
C532i (AJNG)
C532i (AMWY)
C532i Optional Display EFX Dutch (AMWN)
C532i Optional Display EFX French (A896)
C532i Optional Display EFX German (AGKP)
C532i Optional Display EFX Hebrew (AADH)
C532i Optional Display EFX Italian (AB25)
C532i Optional Display EFX Portuguese (ATRY)
C532i Optional Display EFX Russian (AXGY)
C532i Optional Display EFX Spanish (AMWM)
C536i (AEZC)
C536i (AGMC)
C536i (AJTK)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Chinese (A796)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Dutch (AGMF)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX French (AAGL)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX German (AXJK)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Hebrew (AC24)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Italian (ADHF)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Japanese (AEZF)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Portuguese (AJTT)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Russian (AMZT)
C536i Optional Display-C EFX Spanish (A797)
C556i Navy (ATRT)
C932i (AYYT)
C932i - After 06-21-2012 (AXGT)
C932i - Prior 06-21-2012 (AXGT)
C932i Optional Console & Display Assembly (AA96)

C932i Optional Display Chinese (A889)
C932i Optional Display Dutch (ATTA)
C932i Optional Display English (AMWT)
C932i Optional Display French (AADM)
C932i Optional Display German (AJNT)
C932i Optional Display Hebrew (AB29)
C932i Optional Display Italian (AJNW)
C932i Optional Display Japanese (AMWW)
C932i Optional Display Portuguese (AXHA)
C932i Optional Display Russian (AYZA)
C932i Optional Display Spanish (A892)
C946i - After 06-21-12 (A925)
C946i - After 06-21-2012 (AADB)
C946i - Prior 06-21-2012 (AADB)
C946i - Prior to 06-21-12 (A925)
C946i Optional Console & Display Assembly (AADA)
C946i Optional Display Dutch (AB28)
C946i Optional Display English (AMWR)
C946i Optional Display French (AXGZ)
C946i Optional Display German (AJNR)
C946i Optional Display Hebrew (AYYX)
C946i Optional Display Italian (A893)
C946i Optional Display Portuguese (ADFT)
C946i Optional Display Russian (AEXT)
C946i Optional Display Spanish (ATRZ)
C954i (AB37)
C954i (ADEY)
C954i (AEWY)
C954i (AEXE)
C954i (AJKE)
C954i (AJPC)
C954i (ATTD)
C954i (AXHD)
C954i Optional Console & Display (ATRD)
C954i Optional Display Chinese (AMWL)
C954i Optional Display Dutch (AACT)
C954i Optional Display French (AMWA)
C954i Optional Display German (ATRN)
C954i Optional Display Hebrew (AXGN)
C954i Optional Display Italian (ADFN)
C954i Optional Display Japanese (AYYN)
C954i Optional Display Portuguese (A929)
C954i Optional Display Russian (AA92)
C954i Optional Display Spanish (AACW)
EFX 5.35 RETAIL 120V - EFX 5.35 ALPINE (A924)
EFX 5.37 RETAIL 120V - EFX 5.37 ALPINE (AA97)
OPT, ASSY,DISPLAY-C,EFX C536i Optional Display-C EFX English (AZAK)

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