Endcap, Square, Internal

Endcap, Square, Internal - Product Image

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Used on the following models:

Pacific Fitness

Catalina - KAT-W-CS (9G)
Coronado (L4)

Delmar - DM3-W-CS (9H)
Zuma - ZMA-W-CS (9J)


Freestanding VKR Option - Grey (8M)
Leg Pess DM3 SOL ZMA - White (8T)
Leg Press - LP3 - Gray (00EZ)
Leg Press OPT LP4 - Gray (DJ)
Leg Press Optioin - LP4 - Stone (APLL)
Leg Press Option - LP3 - Stone (AMPG)
MULTI Bicep & Tricep - Grey (8D)
Multi Bicep & Tricep - White (K9)
Multi Inner & Outer - Grey (8G)
Multi Inner & Outer - White (L3)
Multi Leg & Ext Curl - Grey (8B)
Multi Leg & Ext Curl - White (K7)
Multi Press - Grey (8F)
Multi Press - White (L2)
Multi VKF - Grey (M6)
Multi VKF - White (M7)
Multi-Hip Zuma - Grey (008W)
Multi-Hip Zuma - Stone (AJKH)
S/E Ab Torso - Grey (7X)
S/E Ab Torso - White (K3)
S/E Bicep Curl - Grey (7S)
S/E Bicep Curl - White (J7)
S/E Chest Press - Grey (7P)

S/E Chest Press - White (J4)
S/E Low Back Glute - Grey (7Y)
S/E Low Back Glute - White (K4)
S/E Peck Fly - Grey (M2)
S/E Peck Fly - White (M3)
S/E Seated Leg Curl - Grey (M4)
S/E Seated Leg Curl - White (M5)
S/E Seated Row - Grey (L9)
S/E Shoulder Press - Grey (7Q)
S3.21 - DM3-G-CS - Gray (00DK)
S3.21 - Grey (00DK)
S3.21 - Stone (A997)
S3.25 - MLB1-G-CS - Gray (00DH)
S3.25 - Stone (AXFF)
S3.45 - Grey (00DG)
S3.45 - KAT-G-CS - Gray (DG)
S3.45 - Stone (AYXF)
S452 Multi-Station Coronado - Grey (8H)
Solana - SOL-G-CS - Gray (00DP)
Solana - SOL-W-CS (5Y)
Solana - Stone (AAAC)
Zuma (AA24)
ZUMA - Grey (00EY)
Zuma - ZMA-G-CS (EY)

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I don't write service testimonials often, but earned this one. When my 17-year-old weight equipment broke, I despaired about finding a replacement part for it. But, I shouldn't have. was there with exactly what I needed. Your website was easy to use and my order was handled with absolute professionalism. Even though the part I needed was unusual, found it and promptly shipped it right to my door. They kept in touch during the process with concise emailed updates. The replacement part is even better than the original.

Michael--Baton Rouge, LA

Hello, I wanted to confirm I received my order. Everything was correct and works as it should and I am completely satisfied. I was able to make a change to my order and it was amended promptly and correctly. I put the parts on my machine last night and everything works perfectly! I am so pleased with the service I received from Fitness Repair Parts, I would absolutely recommend to friends.

Thank you,
Carol S
Anderson, SC

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