Overlay, Keypad, Simple

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Simple console overlay keypad, used on the TM355 "SIMPLE" display console.


NOTE:  Removal of backing paper voids warranty. DO NOT peel the backing from the new overlay and/or keypad without electrically testing first. Connect the ribbon cable of the new overlay and/or keypad to the display electronics and test the part prior to removing the paper backing and complete installation. If you have the same problem as with the original part, please continue troubleshooting the unit to ensure the problem is the overlay / keypad.

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I called last week with a True treadmill that wasn't working. My husband needed this for his cardiac rehab after a heart attack. True does not support it any longer, so I called you. I had the pleasure of speaking to Brittany. She found the overlay for us and you had it in stock! Brittany was very nice and gave me the part information and we ordered the part. Brittany is so kind and so delightful, and I just really appreciated it!

--Juanita S

Just wanted to say keep up the good work. My gym has been updated thanks to you guys.

Hope all is well,