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Screw used on Free Motion models.

Used on the following models:


Cable Column - GZFM60160
Cable Column - GZFM60162
Cable Column - GZFM60163
Epic Abdominal - GZFI80532
Epic Abdominal - GZFI80534
Epic Abdominal - GZFI80535
Epic Bicep - GZFI81032
Epic Bicep - GZFI81035
Epic Bicep - GZFI81036
Epic Bicep - GZFI81037
Epic Chest - GZFI80030
Epic Chest - GZFI80032
Epic Chest - GZFI80033
Epic Chest - GZFI80035
Epic Chest - GZFI80036
Epic Leg Curl - GZI80336
Epic Leg Extension - F801-1570
Epic Leg Extension - GZFI80130
Epic Leg Extension - GZFI80133
Epic Leg Extension - GZFI80135
Epic Leg Extension - GZFI80136
Epic Leg Extension - GZFI80137

Epic Prone Leg Curl - GZFI81460
Epic Seated Leg Curl - GZFI80333
Epic Seated Leg Curl - GZFI80335
Epic Seated Leg Curl - GZFI80336
Epic Seated Leg Curl - GZFI80337
Epic Shoulder - GZFI80732
Epic Shoulder - GZFI80734
Epic Shoulder - GZFI80735
Epic Shoulder - GZFI80736
Epic Smith Machine - GZFW21141
Epic Tricep - GZFI81132
Epic Tricep - GZFI81135
Epic Tricep - GZFI81136
Epic Tricep - GZFI81137
Epic Tricep - GZFI81138
Flat Bench - GZFW20110
Plate Loaded Leg Extension - GZPL40320
Seated Hamstring - GZFM60170
Seated Hamstring - GZFM60171
Seated Squat - GZFM60180
Seated Squat - GZFM60181


Flat Bench - FW-7000 Training - Silver


Chest Press (M447/M047)

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