I received the new cable and it fit perfectly on my tg150. Thanks for your help and continued good service.

Mike B.
Gibsonia, PA

I was really impressed by your site for the following reasons (and I just placed the order) 1. Simple search process 2. Secure checkout (I was reassured that you were not some fly by night company) 3. The very helpful list of contacts where I could go if I wish to have a professional install the piece I ordered. Number three really stood out for me because the usual answer around here is "sorry can't help you - we only do in-house repair for items we sell." My first reaction is that I would rather shop for new equipment at places that offer services to assist with repairs in the first place rather than at all the fancy shops that won't help with older equipment. Thank-you for offering me the option to either do it myself or get someone else's help.

Gary L
Orlando, FL

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