Spacer (Phenolic) 10.14500.250 LD 1/4"

Catalog Number: 26000663

Spacer (Phenolic) 10.14500.250 LD 1/4"

Used on the following models:

Bodyguard Fitness

535 Ergo Pro

LS-LS2 Quantum (F96020010, F96020020 & F97920010, F97920020)

* Images may not be identical to the part.


Many thanks for the timely delivery of my order (Horizon rct7.6 running board). The part was a perfect fit and was easy to install. Thanks for getting it right.
Best Regards,
Tim R
Escondido, CA

Nice Job, I received my parts in less than 24hrs. This weight machine is almost 20 years old and I really didn't think I would be able to find replacement parts for it. Thanks again.

Robert M.