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Kelvar strap used on Nautlilus selectorized weight systems.


NOTE: Sold by the foot.


NOTE: This item is cut to the length you request.  There are NO RETURNS and NO EXCHANGES on this item once it is cut.

This item is non-returnable.

Used on the following models:

Nautilus Commercial (Core Fitness)

2ST 10 Degree Chest
2ST Bench Press
2ST Four Way Neck
2ST High-Low Pulley
2ST Incline Press
2ST Lat Pulldown
2ST Lateral Raise
2ST Preacher Curl
2ST Pullover
2ST Range Limiter
2ST Rotary Torso
2ST Seated Leg Curl
Abdominal - S3AB
Cable Crossover
Compound Row
Compound Row
F1 Free Weight Smith Machine - Rev. 12/31/1998
F2 Free Weight Smith Machine
Free Weight High Low Pulley
High Low Pulley
Hip Abduction
Hip Adduction
Hip Extension
Incline Press
Lat Pulldown
Leg Extension
Leg Extension

Leg Extension - S3-S5
Leg Press
Leg Press - S3
Leg Press - S3LP
Low Back
Lower Back
Nitro Biceps Curl (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Hip Abduction/Adduction (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Lateral Raise (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Overhead Press (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Pullover (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Vertical Chest (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro XPLoad Bicep Curl
Pec Fly
Pec Fly
Prone Leg Curl
Prone Leg Curl
Pullover - S3-S5
Rear Delt / Pec Fly
Seated Calf
Seated Dip
Seated Leg Curl
Tricep Extension
Tricep Extension
Tricep Press
Triceps Extension
Vertical Chest
Weight Assisted Chin-Up/Dip
Weight Assisted Chin-Up/Dip

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Everything was on time with the order and a great experience.

Dunnellon, FL

This Company is awesome ! I fix all the sports equipment at the Stone clinic ,and this is the only company that I have found to get original replacement parts. I am able to keep all our high end equipment in top shape.

Mark C.
San Francisco, CA

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