PULLEY, BELT, 4.75 D X 3/8

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PULLEY, BELT, 4.75 D X 3/8

Used on the following models:

Nautilus Commercial (Core Fitness)

30° Peck FLy - 9PR-S2303C-XXXXX
Chin Dip Assist - NA-S6334-XXXXX - Rev. A
Impact - NA-S6301-XXXXX - Rev. A

NA-S1301-XXXXX - Rev. B
NA-S4304-XXXXX - Rev. B
Standing Calf - 9PR-1309CXXXXX

Star Trac

9LA-S1307-XXXXSA - Rev. A
9LA-S1308-XXXXSA - Rev. A
9LA-S1312-XXXXSB - Rev. B
9LA-S3301-XXXXSA - Rev. A
9LA-S3302-XXXXSB - Rev. B
9LA-S4301-XXXXSB - Rev. B
9LA-S4302-XXXXSA - Rev. A
9LA-S4304-XXXXSD - Rev. D
9LA-S5301-XXXXSB - Rev. B
9LA-S5302-XXXXSB - Rev. B
9LA-S5303-XXXXSB - Rev. B
9LA-S6301-XXXXSA - Rev. A
9LA-S6302-XXXXSC - Rev. C
9LL-S1301DXXXXXA - Rev. A
9LL-S1305AXXXXXC - Rev. C
9LL-S1309EXXXXXA - Rev. A
9LL-S3301AXXXXXE - Rev. E
9LL-S3302EXXXXXA - Rev. A
9LL-S3304AXXXXXD - Rev. D
9LL-S3305AXXXXXE - Rev. E
9LL-S4303EXXXXXA - Rev. A
9LL-S5303EXXXXXA - Rev. A
9LL-S5305EXXXXXA - Rev. A
9LL-S6301EXXXXXA - Rev. A
9LL-S6302EXXXXXB - Rev. B
9MS-S1309AXXXXXC - Rev. C
9MS-S1311CXXXXXA - Rev. X01
9MS-S2301CXXXXXX01 - Rev. X01
9MS-S2303CXXXXXX01 - Rev. X01
9MS-S3305AXXXXXE - Rev. E
9MS-S3306AXXXXXF - Rev. F
9MS-S4303CXXXXXX01 - Rev. X01
9MS-S4304-XXXXXX01 - Rev. X01
9MS-S5303AXXXXXD - Rev. D
9MS-S6302AXXXXXF - Rev. F
9PR-S1301CXXXXXA - Rev. A

9PR-S1302AXXXXXA - Rev. A
9PR-S1305AXXXXA - Rev. B
9PR-S1309CXXXXX - X01
9PR-S1312CXXXXX - Rev. 004
9PR-S3306AXXXXXE - Rev. E
9PR-S4301CXXXXXA - Rev. X01
9PR-S4302CXXXXXX01 - X01
9PR-S4303CXXXXXA - Rev. X01
9PR-S4304AXXXXXB - Rev. B
9PR-S5303CXXXXXX01 - X01
9PR-S5305CXXXXXA - Rev. A
9PR-S6302CXXXXXX01 - Rev. X01
Impact - 9LA-S3303-XXXXS
Impact - 9LA-S6302-13AGS - Rev. B
Impact - 9LL-M9306-XXXXS
Impact - 9LL-S1305AXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S1309EXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S1311CXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S1311EXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S2302DXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S2303AXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S2303EXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S3301AXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S3301EXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S3302CXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S3302EXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S3303DXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S3304AXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S4301EXXXXX
Impact - 9LL-S4303EXXXXX
LA-S1301-XXXXSD - Rev. D
LA-S1305-XXXXSB - Rev. B
LA-S1309-XXXXSA - Rev. A
LA-S1313-XXXXX - Rev. A
NA-S1313-XXXXX - Rev. A

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I got the part amazingly fast, installed it, and it works perfectly.
I will definitely come back to you for more business.

THANKS so much,


Just a word of thanks for the great service you gave me enabling me to repair my treadmill. About 2 months ago my ancient Precor 905e treadmill stopped working. My first thought was to shop for a new treadmill but the prices made me think twice. Through several referrals I found your web site and was able to have my motor control board repaired as well as being able to purchase a new capacitor. I had initially had no hope that parts for my mill, which I had owned for 22 years, would be available. Your service got me up and running again and I feel as though we brought an old friend back to life.

Thanks, Dave