Console, Display

This part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You cannot purchase this part. Can I still get this?

Console, Display - Product Image

List Price: $215.00 / each

Online Price: $206.40 / each

Catalog Number: 15004608

Display Panel.


NOTE:  This display console is for the 3100 and 4100 steppers with the RED graphical display. If your unit has the grey/black display windows, that console is no longer available.

Used on the following models:

Star Trac

SC4100 Stepper - 9-4130-SUSAP0

SS4100 Series

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Thank you very much for your efforts, your suggestion and for replying to my inquiry. We sincerely appreciate the great customer service that you have provided for us. It's been my experience that most customer service reps would have moved on to other callers and forgotten about our request.


Just a word of thanks for the great service you gave me enabling me to repair my treadmill. About 2 months ago my ancient Precor 905e treadmill stopped working. My first thought was to shop for a new treadmill but the prices made me think twice. Through several referrals I found your web site and was able to have my motor control board repaired as well as being able to purchase a new capacitor. I had initially had no hope that parts for my mill, which I had owned for 22 years, would be available. Your service got me up and running again and I feel as though we brought an old friend back to life.

Thanks, Dave