Nyloc Hex Nut

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Catalog Number: 15000985

Nut 3/8-16 Hex nyloc

Used on the following models:


711-3455-XX - Rev. D
711-3455-XX - Rev. E

8 Series Gauntlet - 8G Gauntlet
Guantlet Series 8 StepMill - 9-5250-MUNBP0 - Rev. C

Star Trac

5200 Natural Runner Plus
9-4512-BUSAP0 (TR4500, CONT HR, 220V, BLK, USA)
9-5040-MINTP0 - E Series Stepper
9-5070 MINTOP
9-5130-SINTP0 • SC5100, PRO
9-5230-SUSAPO (EE5230)(S/N begins with PE)
CT6100 Pro Cross Trainer - 9-6130-SINTP0
CT6200 Elite - 9-6230-SINTP0 CT6200
E Series TBT - 9-6040-MINTP0 - Generation 1 (CTEN)
Elliptical Edge- 4600 - 9-4600-SUSAP0 - Silver (E)
ET 5200 Natural Runner-9-4620-GUSAP0 POL, GRY

Natural Runner - 9-4630-GUSAP0 - Elliptical Edge 4600 - Grey
Natural Runner Plus - 5200 - 9-5230-GUSAP0 - Grey (PE)
Nautral Runner - 9-4620-GUSAP0 - Elliptical Edge 4600 - Grey
Nautral Runner - 9-4630-GUSAP1 - Elliptical Edge 4600 - Grey
P-ST Stepper 5130 SINTPO
SC4100 Stepper - 9-4130-SUSAP0
SS4100 Series
Star Trac 9-5130-MINTP0 Stepper
TR3900 Series
TR4000 Pre-Soft
TR4000 PreSoftmill - 9-4011-BUSAP0 - Grey (4xxxxx)
TR4000 PreSoftmill - 9-4031-GUSAP0 - Grey (4xxxxx)
TR4000 Softmill
TR4200 - 9-4221-SJPNP0
TR4500 - 9-4532-BUSAP0 (Dxxxxx)
TR4500 2.5hp - 9-4531-BUSAP0
TR4500 Series

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I ordered a part for my wife's treadmill yesterday (Nov 1st) about noon. It arrived this morning (Nov 2nd) at about 10:30. I just want to compliment your staff on the excellent service I received over the phone and in shipping. If I'm ever in need of other parts I won't hesitate to use your services again. Thank you. --Phil, IL

FRP always ships fast and is a great place to find parts! The link to leave a review is confusing, So I will just tell you in this reply. Thanks!

Boonville, IN