Stand, Reading

This part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You cannot purchase this part. Can I still get this?

Stand, Reading - Product Image

List Price: $44.95 / each

Online Price: $43.60 / each

Catalog Number: 13001559

Reading stand.

Used on the following models:


Airdyne AD3 & AD4

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Level 1

Level 2

Level 3




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I'm sure this isn't the typical comment in this forum, but I didn't know how to give you this feedback. I recently purchased a front roller for my wife's treadmill and was shocked to discover that the replacement part was waaayyy better than the original! Thank you!


Thank you for your help. Fortunately one of my repair guys had a spare one and fixed the machine. I love your company however, and will certainly use you guys in the future.

Trevor T