Wheel Axle, Transport

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Catalog Number: 13000348

Wheel axle for moving the Schwinn Air-Dyne bike.

Used on the following models:


Airdyne AD3 & AD4

AirDyne AD5 Pro/Comp

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...I appreciate your help with all of this and thank goodness I found your website since they do not make this treadmill nor parts any longer. Your company was a life saver.
Deb G

We ordered a replacement belt for our Triumph 6.0R exercise bike on Tuesday night, it arrived Friday morning, we installed it Friday afternoon, and back on the bike on Friday night...Working great... (unfortunately, enjoyed the days off) Thanks for your help!

Pittsburgh, PA

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Wheel, Transport - Product Image

Wheel, Transport

Catalog Number: 13000346

Wheel used to move the Schwinn Air-Dyne bike.

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