Motor, Drive

This part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You cannot purchase this part. Can I still get this?

Motor, Drive - Product Image

Catalog Number: 17001838

Drive motor.


NOTE: 1700521 is the replacement for this motor.

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Motor, Drive

Motor, Drive - Product Image

$380.54 / each

$365.32 / each

Catalog Number: 17000521

Drive motor used on models: 4000.1, 4600.1.   NOTE: 17001838 was orginially used in these models.  17000521 is the replacement.

Out of Stock.

Brush, Motor, Leeson

Brush, Motor, Leeson - Product Image

$22.95 / each

$22.26 / each

Catalog Number: 566000005

Leeson 1.5HP & 2.5HP drive motor brush. 1.245 wide, .370 Thick, 1.888 Long with 2" Side copper shunt with insulation & .25" fork connector attached.

Out of Stock.

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