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Catalog > Mechanical > Bearings > Bearing, Needle, One way, RCB-162117

Bearing, Needle, One way, RCB-162117

Bearing, Needle, One way, RCB-162117 - Product Image

List Price: $34.95 / each

Online Price: $33.90 / each


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Catalog Number: 672000084

One way clutching needle bearing.

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Thank you! Great customer service! You saved me a bunch of work! Much appreciated!!!

Jessica L.
Portland, OR

After placing an order for replacement parts for my Nautilus equipment I was informed that one of the part's numbers was non-existent. When I phoned to inquire about the number and the part I was looking for I was connected to Mark in customer service. Mark told me he would check for the part and the correlating number and get back to me by phone. I suggested that Mark email me because I live in Hawaii and the time difference can be difficult to work with. Mark not only got back to me, via email, that same day but continued to search for additional parts that I was interested in purchasing but did not pursue myself because I simply didn't want to spend the time searching your on line catalog. Mark communicated with me via email in an extremely prompt and professional manner and took the initiative to locate not just one part but a selection of suitable parts for me to choose from. It is important that you understand how refreshing customer service of this level is and how thankful I am to have done business with Mark and your organization. Mark is courteous, tenacious, and he cares.


Patrick A.

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