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    Thank you very much for your efforts, your suggestion and for replying to my inquiry. We sincerely appreciate the great customer service that you have provided for us. It's been my experience that most customer service reps would have moved on to other callers and forgotten about our request.


    First and foremost your web site is the best I have ever worked with.
    Whoever did the programming should be commended. From locating the part
    required to checking out - it was a pleasure. It appeared to anticipate my
    every need and wasn't the chore I expected when in need of a repair part.
    What a joy. The check-out procedure was fault free and easy to walk through
    the procedure.

    The basic support for the product and the many parts that you must have
    daily is unbelievable. A replacement part being shipped the next day.
    Received in just two days from ordering it. The documents you have
    generated are simple and straight forward. In this day and age it is
    extremely rare to find an excellent company such as yours. Your staff must
    be so proud to work in such an organization. My hat is off to all of you. I
    have run product support organizations for airlines my entire life. I only
    wish I could have had the opportunity to have worked with such an
    outstanding organization like Fitness Repair Parts. Thank you very much.
    My replacement card is now installed and I am back in business in just two
    days thanks to you.

    Tom S.
    Coppell, TX

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