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    Screw, Set

    Screw, Set - Product Image

    List Price: $1.40 / each

    Online Price: $1.36 / each


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    Catalog Number: 37001363

    Set screw.

    Used on the following models:


    CFi 200


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    Save Up to $0.14 off List Price of $1.40.

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    With 3 out of 4 people in the house using our eliptical, when a part breaks, it's a big deal. We searched everywhere and were beginning to think we would have to do without or have the expense of buying another. Fitness Repair Parts was the only place we could locate the part. The price was so low, we bought 2 so we'll have a spare. Ordering was easy, shipping was fast, and we were back on the fitness road withing a week. I highly recommend them!


    Thank you so much for your help with my bike. I have severe health issues and this is my exercise that is allowing me to get my life back. We look forward to sharing your information with our friend who is a trainer.

    Thank you again,

    --Cindy, Trafalgar, IN

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