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Parts for use with Advanced Fitness Group Equipment


Commercial Ellipticals

3.1AE Elliptical Traditional - EP552
4.1AE Elliptical Traditional - EP553 - 2012

Residential Ellipticals

2.0AE Ellipitical Traditional - EP185
3.0AE Elliptical Traditional - EP186
4.0AE Elliptical - EP187
5.0AE Elliptical - EP209
14.0AE Elliptical - EP148B
18.0AXT Elliptical - EP212
18.1AXT Elliptical - EP258

Stationary Bicycles
Residential Recumbent Bikes

2.0AR Recumbent - RB123
3.0AR Recumbent - RB119
4.0AR Recumbent - RB120

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Stationary Bicycles
Residential Upright Bikes

3.0AH Bike Hybrid - CB133
4.0AH Upright - CB134

1 Stack Gym

2.0AS Home Gym - GM206

Residential Treadmills

1.0AT Folding Treadmill - TM319
2.0AT Folding Treadmill - TM329
3.0AT Folding Treadmill - TM330
+ 3.1AT Folding Treadmill
4.0AT Treadmill - TM331
5.0AT Treadmill - TM332
5.1AT Treadmill - TM427 (Before S/N TM4271208BC00001)
7.1AT Treadmill - TM428
13.0AT Folding Treadmill - TM333


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