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    Bike Parts

    Motor Brushes

    Parts for use with Life Fitness Equipment

    Commercial Ellipticals

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    CT8500 - CT85-0000-03 (CTK)
    CT8500 wo/Polar HR - CT85-0XXX-01 (S/N 100000-Up)
    CT9100 - CT91-0000-04 (CTJ)
    CT9100 - CT91-0XXX-01 (S/N 100000-Up)
    CT9500 - CT95-0000-21 (CTH)
    CT9500 - CT95-0100-17 (CTG)
    CT9500 - CT95-0XXXX-12
    CT9500 - CT95-0XXXX-18 (S/N 6393097-Up)
    CT9500 - CT95S-0109-02
    Integrity CLSX - CLSX-XXXXX-XX (CXX)
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    Residential Ellipticals

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    Bally Cross Trainer (CTE200-0000-01)
    CT5500 w/Polar HR - CT55-0XXX-01 (S/N 100000-Up)
    LF X15 120V - X15-0000-01
    SX30 Sport 120V - CTSX30-0000-01
    X1 - X1-XX00-0104 & X1-XX14-0104
    X1 Consumer - X1-XX00-0203
    X3 - X3-XX0X-0101
    X3 - X3-XX0X-0201
    X3 Consumer - X3-XXXX-0103
    X3 Consumer - X3-XXXX-0203 - 2010
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    Consoles & TVs

    LCD 12.1 Entertainment System - LCD-0101-02 - Grey
    LCD 12.1 Entertainment System - LCD-0102-02 - Grey
    LCD 12.1 Entertainment System - LCD-0201-02 - Grey
    LCD 12.1 Entertainment System - LCD-0202-02 - Grey

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    LCD 12.1 Entertainment System (Model Model: LCD _ -0 _ _ _ -01)
    LCD TV Entertainment System (S/N LPP100000 & up)
    LCD TV Entertainment System (S/N LPQ100000 & up)

    Commercial Rowers

    LR-8500 Life Rower

    Stationary Bicycles
    Commercial Recumbent Bikes

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    R7 - R7-0100-02 (CEJ)
    90R - 90R-0XXX-01 (LRA)
    90R - 90R-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (CCA)
    93R - 93R-0XXX-01 (LRB)
    95R Elevation Recumbent (95R-ALLXX-01)(S/N begins with ARL)
    95R Elevation Series (95R-ALLXX-XX)(S/N Begins With - CLQ)
    95R Life Cycle (95R-0XXX-01)(S/N begins wiht LRI)
    95RE - 95RE-0XXX-01 (LRE)
    95RE - 95RE-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (CTT)
    95REZ - 95REZ-0100-01 - Arctic Silver (CZR)
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    Stationary Bicycles
    Commercial Upright Bikes

    Classic Upright - CLSC-XXXX-01 (S/N CLU100000-CLU108080)
    95CE - 95CE-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (CCQ)
    95CE - 95CE-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (CEO)
    95CE - 95CE-0_ _ _-01 - Arctic Silver (LCE)
    95Ci - 95C-0XXX-01 (LCI)
    9500 - GK18-00012-XXXX (S/N 178677-178726)
    9500 - GK18-00017-XXXX (S/N 178771-187771)
    9500 - GK46-00006-XXXX (S/N 202686-212728)
    9500HR - GK18-00012-XXXX
    9500HR - GK18-00017-XXXX

    Stationary Bicycles
    Residential Recumbent Bikes

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    LC95R-0100-31 (CEF)
    R1 Base 120V DOM Cord - R1-XX00-0103
    R1-5 Consumer Recumbent Plug In - R15-0000-01
    R3 - R3-XX00-0104
    R3 Life Cycle - R3-XX0X-0203
    R3 Recumbent Exercise Lifecycle & Regular Bike - R3-XX0X-0303
    R9 - R9-0000-02 (CEI)
    5500R - GK19-00003-XXXX (S/N 301-310)
    5500R - GK19-00006-XXXX (S/N 406406-406501)
    5500R - GK19-00009-XXXX (S/N 414918-419995)
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    Stationary Bicycles
    Residential Upright Bikes

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    C15 - C15-0XXX-01
    C3 - C3-XX00-0104
    C7 - C7-0XXX-02 (CBF)
    C9 - C9-0100-02 (S/N CBG100000-CBG100730)
    C9 - C9-0100-03 (S/N CBG100930-Up)
    C9 - C9-0100-04 (BCS)
    Integrity CLSC Upright Bike - CLSC-ALLXX-XX
    LC-3500 - GK41-00005-0100
    LC-4500 - GE09-00023-XXXX
    LC-5500 - GE09-00006-XXX (S/N 50000-519921)
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    Stationary Bicycles

    LeMond RevMaster (Model LF350000-5 &LM350000-6)
    LeMond Revmaster II (Model LF350000-7)

    Commercial Upright Steppers

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    Integrity CLSL Summit Trainer Base - CLSL-ALLXX-01 (LSL)
    Integrity CLSS Stairclimber Base - CLSS-ALLXX-01 (After S/N LSS105558)
    Integrity CLSS Stairclimber Base - CLSS-ALLXX-01 (Before S/N LSS105559)
    LS9100B (S/N 216142 & up)
    LS9100C (S/N 210000-213767)
    LS9100DT (S/N 213768-216141)
    LS9100T (Model LS91-0XXX-29)
    LS9500 (Model GK24-00009-XXXX)
    LS9500 (Model GK24-00017-XXXX)
    LS9500HR (Model LS95-0XXX-30)
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    Residential Upright Steppers

    LS1000 (GK24-00001-XXXX)
    LS2000 (GK24-00004-0100)(S/N 601-647 & 200000-200830)
    LS5500 (GK35-00003-0100)(S/N 246000-251195)
    LS5500C (GK24-000015-XXXX)(S/N 229931-238861)
    LS5500HR (GK35-00004-XXXX)(S/N 251196-253719)
    LS5500HR (GK35-00005-XXXX)(S/N 253595 & up)
    LS5500HR (GK35-00006-XXXX)(S/N 401-770 & 22100-228950)
    LS5600 (GK35-00001-0100)(S/N 239000-245081)
    S9i (S9-XXXX-01)(S/N begin with HSD)

    1 Stack Gym

    FIT-1 Gym
    G2 Home Gym - G2-001

    2 Stack Gym

    G7-001 LFG-Cable Motion Gym System
    G7-002 LFG Cable Motion Gym System
    MJ8 Multi Station Gym

    3 Stack Gym

    8500-104 FIT 8000 3 Stack Multi Gym

    4 Stack Gym

    SM50 Pro 9000SM (LR, LP, 2FP & TP) Multi Station Gym


    CSABD Club Abdominal
    FSABBA Fit Ab & Back (Pllatinum)
    FZAB Signature Abdominal (S/N FZAB000699 & below)
    FZAB Signature Abdominal (S/N FZAB000700 & up)
    LT-ABD Life Circuit Abdominal (GK57-00005-XXXX)(SN 16225 & up)
    PSAB Pro 2 Abdominal
    SABC Signature Abdominal Crunch Bench
    ST05 Pro 9000ST Abdominal
    TABB Simbio Series Abdominal Bench
    TCAB Circuit Ab Crunch

    Adjustable Bench

    CSAAB Club Adjustable Ab Bench(Platinum)
    CSAAB Club Adjustable Ab Bench(White)
    CSAJB Club Adjustable Bench (Platinum)
    P9000 Adjustable bench - FB31

    Arm Curl

    CSAC Club Series (Arm Curl)
    FZBC Signature Biceps Curl
    SU75 Pro 9000SU Arm Curl

    Back Extension

    CSBE Club Back Extension
    FZBE Signature Back Extension
    PSBE Pro 2 Back Extension (S/N PSBE000287 & up)
    PSBESE Pro 2 Back Extension (S/N PSBESE001723 & below)
    PSBESE Pro 2 Back Extension (S/N PSBESE001724 & up)
    SBWBE Signature Back Extension
    ST20 Pro 9000ST Low Back Extension
    ST25 Pro 9000ST Low Back Extension

    Bench Press

    SADB Signature Adjustable Decline Bench


    CSTRI Club Tricep
    FSBT Fit Biceps & Triceps
    FZTP Signature Triceps Press
    LT-TE Life Circuit Tricep Extension (GK55-00007-XXXX)(S/N 15272-16224)
    MJTP Signature Multi Jungle Triceps Pushdown
    PSBC PRO 2 Biceps Curl
    PSTESE Pro Series Triceps Extension
    SU70 Pro 9000SU Arm Extension (S/N 65153 & up)
    TCTP Circuit Triceps Press

    Cable Crossover

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    Cable Motion-Dual Adjustable Pulley - CMDAP (S/N CMDAP0512129-Below)
    Cable Motion-Dual Adjustable Pulley - CMDAP (S/N CMDAP0512130-Above)
    CMACO Signature Cable Motion Adjustable Crossover (S/N CMACO000001-CMACO000237)
    CMACO Signature Cable Motion Adjustable Crossover (S/N CMACO0908013 & up)
    CMCC Signature Cable Motion Cable Crossover (S/N CMCC000001-CMCC000103)
    CMDAP Signature Cable Motion Dual Adjustable Pulley (S/N CMDAP000001 - CMDAP001732)
    CMFCO Signature Cable Motion Fixed Crossover
    CSCCO Club Cable Crossover
    MJACO Multi Jingle Adjustable Crossover
    MJAP Multi Jungle Adjustable Pulley
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    CSHC Club Horizontal Calf
    FZCE Signature Calf Extension
    PSHC Pro 2 (Horizontal Calf
    SL65 Pro 9000SL Standing Calf

    Chest Press

    CMCP Cable Motion Chest Press
    CSCP Club Series Chest Press
    FSMP Fit Series Multi-Press
    Pro 9000SM SM18 (Dual Cable Chest Press Top)
    Pro 9000SU SU05 (Chest Press)
    Pro 9000SU SU10 (Incline Chest Press)
    PSCP Pro 2 Series Chest Press
    Signature Series FZCP (Chest Press)
    TCCP Circuit Series Chest Press


    PSADC Pro II Series Assisted Dip Chin (S/N PSADC000358 & up)
    PSADCSE Pro II Series Assisted Dip Chin (S/N PSADCSE001491 & below)
    PSADCSE Pro II Series Assisted Dip Chin (S/N PSADCSE001492 & up)
    SU86 Pro 9000SU Dip and Chin Assist


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    CSHAA Club Series Hip Abductor-Adductor
    FSHAA Fit Series Hip Abduction & Adduction(Platinum)
    FZHAB Signature Series Hip Abduction
    FZHAD Signature Series Hip Adduction
    Hip Abducter (SL60)
    PSHAB Pro 2 Series Hip Abduction
    PSHAD Pro 2 Series Hip Adduction
    SL50 Pro 9000SL Multihip
    SL55 Pro 9000SL Hip Adductor
    835-107 Pro 800 Series Hip Sled
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    Incline Press

    MTIP Motion Technology Incline Press (S/N TIP030001 & up)

    Lat Pulldown

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    CMPD Signature Series Cable Motion Pulldown
    CMPD Signature Series Cable Motion Pulldown Version 2011
    CSLAT Club Series Lat Pulldown
    FSDAP Fit Series Dual Adjustable Pulley
    FZPD Signature Series Pulldown
    MJLP Cable Motion Multi Jungle Lat Pulldown
    Pro 2 Series PSPDSE (Lat Pulldown)
    PSFPDSE Pro 2 Series Fixed Pull Down
    PSPD Pro 2 Series Lat Pulldown
    SU45Pro 9000SU Lat Pulldown
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    Lateral Raise

    FZLR Signature Series Lateral Raise
    PSLR Pro 2 Series Lateral Raise
    PSLRSE Pro Series II Lateral Raise
    SU31 Pro 9000SU Lateral Raise

    Leg Curl

    CSLC Club Series Leg Curl Rev. A
    CSSLC Club Series Seated Leg Curl
    FSLCE Fit Series Leg Extension Curl
    FZSLC Signature Series Seated Leg Curl
    Pro 2 Series Seated Leg Curl (PSSLCSE)
    PSLC Pro 2 Series Leg Curl
    SL30 Pro 9000SL Lying Leg Curl
    SL35 Pro 9000SL Lying Leg Curl
    SL40 Pro 9000SL Seated Leg Curl
    SL45 Pro 9000SL Seated Leg Curl

    Leg Extension

    CSLE Club Series Leg Extension
    FZLE Signature Series Leg Extension
    PSLE Pro II Series Leg Extension
    SL20 Pro 9000SL Leg Extension - 9000SL
    SL25 Pro 9000SL Leg Extension

    Leg Press

    CSLP Club Series Leg Press
    FSLPC Fit Series Leg Press-Calf
    FZSLP Signature Series Seated Leg Press
    PSSLP Pro 2 Series Seated Leg Press
    PSSLPSE Pro 2 Series Seated Leg Press
    SL05 Pro 9000SL Horizontal Leg Press
    SL10 Pro 9000SL Seated Leg Press
    SPLLLP Signature Series Linear Leg Press


    CM Fit 1.0 Gym System
    CSGM Club Series Glute Machnine
    FZGL Signature Series Glute
    PSTE Pro 2 Seris Triceps Extension
    SM10 Pro 9000SM Free Standing Adjustable Pulley
    SM15 Pro 9000SM Dual Adj Pulldown
    SM51 Pro 9000SM Strength Multi (ILR, LP, 2AP, TP)
    SMAP Pro 9000 Multi-Station Family


    CSFLY Club Series Pec Fly
    FSFLY Fit Series Fly Rear Deltoid
    FZFLY Signature Series Fly
    PSFLY Pro 2 Series Pectoral Fly (S/N PSFLY000001-000415)
    PSFLYSE Pro 2 Series Pectoral Fly & Rear Deltoid (S/N PSFLYSE000001-002030)
    SU15 Pro 9000SU Pec Fly
    SU35 9000 Series Rear Deltoid/Pectoral Fly

    Racks and Trees

    Club Series Dumbbell Rack Horizontal - CSDBH


    CMRW Signature Series Cable Motion Row
    CSSR Club Series Seated Row
    FSLR Fit Series Lat-Row
    FZRW Signature Series Row Rear & Delt
    LTSR Life Circuit Seated Row Circuit (GK55-00004-XXXX)(S/N 15272-16224)
    MJRWD Cable Motion Multi Jungle Dual Pulley Row
    PSRW Pro 2 Series Seated Row
    PSRWSE Pro Series II Seated Row
    SM16 Pro 9000SM Dual Adjustable Row
    SU55 Pro 9000SU Seated Row - SU55

    Shoulder Press

    CMSP Signature Series Shoulder Press
    CSSP Club Series Shoulder Press
    FZSP Signature Series Shoulder Press
    LT-SP Shoulder Press (GK55-00010-XXXX)(S/N 15272-16224)
    PSSP Pro 2 Series Shoulder Press
    PSSPSE Pro Series II Shoulder Press
    SU25 Pro 9000SU Shoulder Press
    TCSP Circuit Series Shoulder Press

    Smith Machine

    PL05 Pro 9000 Smith Machine
    PL06 Pro 9000 Smith Machine
    8105-101 Fit 8000 Smith Press


    FZTR Signature Series Torso Rotation

    Commercial Treadmills

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    Classic Series - CLST-XXXX-02 (CLT)
    Integrity Series - CLST-XXXXX-01 (CLL)
    Platinum Club Series Base Only - PCST-DOMHX-02 (PST)
    Platinum Club Series Base Only - PCST-DOMHX-03 (PET)
    Platinum Club Series Base Only - PCST-DOMLX-01 (PCT)
    Platinum Club Series Base Only - PCST-DOMLX-02 (PST)
    Platinum Club Series Tread Base Only - PCST-DOMLX-03 (PET)
    Platinum Club Series Tread Base Only - PCST-INTHX-02 (PCT)
    Platinum Club Series Tread Base Only - PCST-INTHX-02 (PST)
    Platinum Club Series Tread Base Only - PCST-INTHX-03 (PET)
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    Institutional Treadmills

    TR8500 - GK45-00001-XXXX (S/N 352000-353476)
    TR8500 - GK45-00005-XXXX (S/N 353477-354704))
    TR8500 - GK45-00010-XXXX (S/N 354705-Up)
    TR8500 - GK45-00012-XXXX (S/N 357700-Up)
    TR8500 Midline - TR85-XXXX-14 (MTB)
    TR9000 - GK45-00003-XXXX (CTC)
    TR9000 - GK45-00009-XXXX (S/N 341200-Up)
    TR9000 - GK45-00011-XXXX (S/N 344637-344672)
    TR9000 Midline - TR90-XXXX-14 (CTB)

    Residential Treadmills

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    F3 Consumer - F3-XX00-0202
    F3 Consumer Folding Treadmill - F3-XXXX-0101
    T3 Consumer - T3-XXXX-0102
    T3-XX00-0101 (S/N XXXXXXX-1708259XX)
    T3-XX00-0201 (S/N 1708260-Up)
    T3.0 - T3.0-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver
    T30 - T30-0XXX-01 - Arctic Silver
    T5 - T5-XX00-0201
    T5-0 - T50-0XXX-01
    T5-5 - T55-XXXX-01
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