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Parts for use with Nautilus Commercial (Core Fitness) Equipment


Commercial Ellipticals

NE2000 (prior to 2007)


Range Limiter

Stationary Bicycles
Residential Upright Bikes


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1 Stack Gym

Nitro - S3PO
Nitro Plus - S5PO - 2006

2 Stack Gym

Dual Stack Freedom Trainer - F3FTD

3 Stack Gym

S912 Multi Stack Gym

4 Stack Gym

NS4000 Weght Machine


Adjustable AB Bench - F3
Nitro Abdominal (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Abdominal S3AB
Nitro Plus Abdominal (S5AB 2006 Revision)
S4AB Abdominal - S4 Studio - 2008
S6 Abdominal (S6ABC)
2ST Abdominal

Adjustable Bench

Adjustable Decline Bench - F3AD
F2 Free Weight 0-90 Bench
F2AAB Adjustable Bench
F3-90-W White 0-90 Adjustable Bench
F30-90-S Silver 0-90 Adjustable Bench
Olympic Decline Bench - F3ODB

Arm Curl

F2 Free Weight Preacher Curl
Nitro Biceps Curl (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Plus Bicep Curl (S5BC 2005 Revision)
Nitro XPLoad Bicep Curl
Preacher Curl - F3
S4BC Biceps Curl - S4 Studio
S5PC - Nitro Plus Preacher Curl
S6 Bicep (S6BC)
2ST Preacher Curl

Back Extension

Next Generation Lower Back
Nitro Low Back (1999-2002 designs)
+ Nitro Plus
S4LB Lower Back - S4 Studio
S6 Low back (S6LB)
2ST Lower Back

Bench Press

Next Generation Bench Press
+ Nitro Plus
2ST Bench Press


Bicep Curl - S3BC - 2007
Next Generation Multi-Biceps
Next Generation Multi-Triceps
Nitro Plus Trcep Extension (S5TE 2005 Revision)
Nitro Plus Vertical Tricep Extension (S5VTE 2005 Revision)
Nitro Triceps Extension (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro XPLoad Tricep Extension
S6 Triceps (S6TE)
2ST Tricep Extension
2ST Tricep Press

Cable Crossover

Adjustable Tower - China - F3
Cable Crossover - China - F3
F2AT Hi-Low adjustable tower
F2AT-Left Hi-Low adjustable tower
F2CC cable crossover
Next Generation - Cable Crossover - Rev. 2
Nitro Freedom Trainer (F2FT)
2ST Cable Crossover


Next Generation Seated Calf Flex
Nitro XPLoad Seated Calf
S5SC Nitro Plus Seated Calf
2ST Seated Calf

Chest Press

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Next Generation Double Chest
Next Generation Men's Chest
Next Generation Women's Double Chest
Nitro Plus - S5PO
Nitro Plus Vertical Chest (S5VC 2006 Revision)
Nitro Vertical Chest (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro XPLoad Vertical Chest
S4OH Overhead Press - S4 Studio
S4VC Vertical Chest - S4 Studio
2ST 10 Degree Chest
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Chin Dip - F3
F2 Free Weight Chin/Dip
Next Generation Multi Exercise
Next Generation Seated Dip
Next Generation Weight Assisted Chin-up/Dip
Nitro Plus Seated Dip (S5SD 2005 Version)
Nitro S3GRV Gravitron Chin Dip (2007 Revision)
Nitro Seated Dip (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Weight Assisted Chin-Up/Dip (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro XPLoad Seated Dip
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Decline Press

Next Generation Duo Decline Press
+ Olympic Decline Bench

Fixed Bench

F2 Free Weight Flat Utility Bench/Stool
F2 Free Weight Olympic Military Bench
F2 Free Weight Olympic Supine Bench
F2 Free Weight Seated Utility Bench
Flat Utility Bench - F3
Olympic Decline Bench - F2ODB - Made In USA 1999-2006
Olympic Incline Bench - F3
Olympic Military Bench - F3
Olympic Supine Flat Bench - F3
Seated Utility Bench - F3


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Adjustable Hip Extension - F3
F2 Free Weight Adjustable Hip Extension
Next Generation Abduction/Adduction
Next Generation Hip Abduction
Next Generation Hip Adduction
Nitro Hip Abduction/Adduction (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Plus Abductor-Adductor (S5AA 2005 Revision)
S4AA Hip Abduction/Adduction - S4 Studio
S6 Hip (S6AA)
2ST Hip Abduction
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Incline Press

F2 Free Weight Olympic Incline Bench
Next Generation Incline Press
Nitro Incline Press (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Plus Incline Press (S5IP 2005 Revision)
Nitro XPLoad Incline Press
2ST Incline Press

Lat Pulldown

Dual Lat Pull Down - F3
F2 Free Weight High Low Pulley
F2LATP Lat Pulldown
Nitro Lat Pulldown (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Plus Lat Pulldown (S5LP 2006 Revision)
Nitro XPLoad Lat Pulldown
S4LATP Lat Pulldown - S4 Studio
S6 Lat pulldown (S6LATP)
2ST High-Low Pulley
2ST Lat Pulldown

Lateral Raise

EVO - S9PO Pullover
Next Generation Lateral Raise
Next Generation Rotary Shoulder
Nitro Lateral Raise (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Plus Laterial Raise (S5LR 2005 Revision)
S4LR Lateral Raise - S4 Studio
2ST Lateral Raise

Leg Curl

Next Generation Prone Leg Curl
Next Generation Seated Leg Curl
Nitro Plus Seated Leg Curl (S5LC 2005 Revision)
Nitro Prone Leg Curl (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Seated Leg Curl (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro XPLoad Prone Leg Curl
S4SLC Seated Leg Curl - S4 Studio
S6 Leg curl (S6LC)
2ST Prone Leg Curl
2ST Seated Leg Curl

Leg Extension

Nautilus One - S6LE
Next Generation Leg Extension
Nitro Leg Extension (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro XPLoad Leg Extension
P3GH - Nitro XPLoad Glute/Ham
S4LE Leg Extension - S4 Studio
S5LE Nitro Plus Leg Extension
2ST Leg Extension

Leg Press

EVO - S9LP - Rev. J
Next Generation Leg Press
Nitro Leg Press (1999-2002 designs) - S3
Nitro Plus Leg Press (S5LP 2005 Revision)
Nitro S3LP Leg Press
Nitro XPLoad Incline Leg Press
Nitro XPLoad Leg Press
S4LP Leg Press - S4 Studio
S6 Leg press (S6LP)
2ST Leg Press


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Next Generation Behind Neck
Next Generation Four Way Neck
Next Generation Overhead Raise
Next Generation Super Forearm
Nitro Overhead Press (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Pullover (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro XPLoad Dead Lift Shrug
Nitro XPLoad Overhead Press
S6 Overhead press (S6OP)
2ST Four Way Neck
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Next Generation 50 Degree Pectoral
Nitro Pec Fly (1999-2002 designs)
Nitro Plus Rear Delt Pec Fly (S5PF 2006 Revision)
Nitro Rear Delt / Pec Fly (1999 - 2002)
Pec Fly - S3PF
S4PF Pec Fly - S4 Studio
S4TP Triceps Press - S4 Studio
S6 Pec fly (S6PF)
2ST Pec Fly

Racks and Trees

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Barbell Rack - F3 - Rev. B
F2 Free Weight Barbell Rack
F2 Free Weight Dumbbell Rack
F2 Free Weight Power Rack
F2 Free Weight Squat Rack
F2 Sit-up bench (F2ABB)
Power Rack - F3
Squat Rack - F3
Weight Tree - F3
1 Tier Dumbbell Rack - F3
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Dual Pulley Row - F3
F2 Free Weight T-Bar Row
F2 Low Row
Next Generation Compound Rowing
Next Generation Rowing Back
Nitro Compound Row
Nitro Plus Compound Row (S5CR 2005 Revision)
Nitro XPLoad Compound Row
S4CR Compound Row - S4 Studio
S6 Low row (S6MR)
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Shoulder Press

EVO Overhead Press - S9OP
Next Generation Neck & Shoulder

Smith Machine

F2 Free Weight Smith Machine
F2SM2 Smith Machine II
Smith Machine - F3


Next Generation Rotary Torso
Next Generation Torso Arm
Nitro Plus Rotary Torso (S5RT 2004 Revision)(11/24/2008 Revision)
Nitro Rotary Torso (1999 - 2002 Revision)
2ST Rotary Torso

Commercial Treadmills

T9.14 Commercial Treadmill
Treadmill - T912


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