June 2011 Updates: Faster Shopping Cart! Coupons!

We have some really exciting upgrades for you this month, including some vast improvements to the checkout process and shopping cart. In the old days, we used to request shipping rates from FedEx or UPS every single time you viewed the shopping cart, even if your cart hadn’t changed. Additionally, we were using an old version of the FedEx API that wasn’t very efficient for handling large orders. This meant that whenever you viewed a product page after putting something in your cart or tried to go to the next step in the checkout process, you sometimes had to spend a few seconds twiddling your thumbs while we calculated shipping rates that were really the same as the page you were on – and if you had a really large cart, sometimes it took even longer. So now we have tried to fix all that. Not only should it take less time to calculate shipping rates now, you shouldn’t even need to wait for it to recalculate unless your cart has changed, or if a lot of time has passed. Say hello to a smoother browsing experience!

We also added something else exciting to the checkout process: a line to insert a coupon code! Keep on the lookout for coming promotions – be sure to follow FitnessRepairParts on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss out.

Note: Valid FitnessRepairParts.com coupon codes can only be found through our website, emails from us, postings on our social media accounts, or other official FitnessRepairParts communication. If you find a coupon code on another website claiming to work on our checkout process, it may be a fake entry that we know nothing about and is entirely outside of our control.

Remember, if you have any ideas on how we can make the website even better, just leave a comment in our contact form!

About JoshFRP

Josh was officially added to the team in May 2010 after he graduated college with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. Josh spends most of his time working on ways to take the website to the next level, but he can be found doing all sorts of things involving computers at the company, from tinkering with the phone system to updating old firmware on the servers. Life is never dull!
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